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IPST is the platform's liquidity provider token.
Marquee can incentivize fund provision in the insurance fund pool by issuing Insurance Pool Share Token (IPST). There are two types of IPST for two types of insurance products.
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    The first is index-related insurance, which relies on the price of assets (e.g. NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and traditional assets). The IPST token of this type of insurance is called Price Pool Share Token (PPST).
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    The other is contract insurance, which is based on the contract of events (e.g. tsunamis, earthquakes, pandemics, cyber-attacks). The IPST token of this type of insurance is called Contract Pool Share Token (CPST). This token is the counterpart of LP tokens in DEXs.
The price of IPST is linked with MARQ, so the vault also backs its value. There is also a five-day locking period to prevent malicious sell-off.
The value of IPST is determined by the following:
where TVUP is the total value of USDT in the fund pool, TVIC is the total value of the current insurance contracts &
is the total amount of user-generated LP tokens.
Since the value of each insurance contract will fluctuate in real-time due to the fluctuation of the currency price, the value of IPST will also fluctuate. After the user deposits USDT into the fund pool, the total value of Marquee insurance contract fluctuates, which affects the price of IPST. The real-time value of IPST reflects the overall profit/loss situation of the fund pool in real-time.
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