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DAO Governance

gMARQ holders have the voting right to participate in Marquee governance. Potential proposals include but are not limited to token supply, distributing reserved assets to holders, frequency of supply changes, adjustment of parameters, etc. See below for some typical examples:
  • Determination of Marquee parameters:
    Parameters such as the transaction fee rate, interest rates, and variance of the value of assets insured.
  • Dividend Distribution:
    The project yields will be distributed to token holders when such proposals are approved by DAO governance.
  • Secondary Offering of $MARQ:
    When liabilities of fund pools exceed assets, new MARQ supply can be approved by DAO governance.
  • Governance of Co-operating projects:
    DAO governance on Marquee also applies to co-operating projects.
  • Future Development:
    DAO governance decides the future direction of Marquee and the expenditure of its resources through voting.