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Technical Solutions

Our technical solutions are composed of the following:

Layered Architecture

Application Layer
To enlarge the spectrum of insured products, MarqueeINS encapsulates insurance services and smart contracts into an API that developers can use. It also provides services to MarqueeINS’s products.
Settlement Layer
The price aggregation signature service is responsible for issuing the private key to the data signature package. The smart contract will receive the data signed by the private key for settlement. Regarding the security of the private key, the MPC-distributed private key is used for safe storage. The execution environment is also executed in the Intel SGX secure and trusted environment.
Funding Aggregation Protocol
MARQswap integrates the O3swap fund pool functions. The MARQswap protocol will be supplemented according to product characteristics to facilitate users’ participation in the insurance.
The network layer is the carrier of user assets. MarqueeINS will gradually support more and more public chains to participate in insurance.

MARQ Price Oracle

The MARQ price oracle provides the essential service module feeding price information to smart contracts. The price oracle takes the most authoritative data sources to prevent issues caused by the abnormally fluctuating price of a single currency which causes problems in settlement of smart contracts. All data are safely fed through a trusted execution environment, preventing hostile behavior. The price signature private key is divided into copies through the TSS threshold signature algorithm and stored in different trusted environments to avoid single-point failures. Price data will be signed through multi-node private key distribution to provide smart contracts.
The capacity of MarqueeINS depends on the scale of the fund pool. The larger the pool, the greater the number and amount of insurance policies underwritten. At present, USDT holders are spread on multiple public chains. We use the MARQ Hub cross-chain solution to solve the problem of asset decentralization and map all stablecoin assets to the BSC network. The answer is composed of O3 Hub cross-chain pool and poly network. For example, a user with hUSDT on the Heco public chain can obtain bUSDT of the BSC public chain through the Hub, and the user directly stakes the bUSDT into the fund pool to become an underwriter to receive rewards.